Braze-Pro Shuttle Series
We recognize that some companies don't require all of our advanced process control features to automate a low to medium volume process. Our Braze-Pro series offers an affordable solution for these applications.


Braze-Pro 300 Single Shuttle

· Low to medium production rates
· Easy change over
· Consistent combustion
· Improved quality


Standard Features
· Aluminum extruded frame
· 3-Level flame system
· Stainless steel water bath
· Quick disconnect torch manifolds
· F.A. Tech standard electrical/pneumatic components
· Ultra-smooth torch oscillation
· Run-off and training at F.A. Tech
· Operation manuals, PLC program and select technical drawings & documents included


Optional/Advanced Features
· Automatic wire feeding system
· Stainless steel precision fixtures
· Automatic flux or paste dispensing system