CX Shuttle Series
The layout and flexible nature of this system makes it well suited to cell-based, lean manufacturing environments. Parts are loaded onto a fixture and the operator initiates the cycle by pushing the start button. The torch manifold moves into the brazing area to heat the part. After the part is successfully brazed or soldered by either automatic wire feed, pre-form rings or paste, the torches switch to low flame and return to their original position. This system can be configured with either single or dual stations depending on your production requirements.


CX-450 Single Shuttle

· Low to high production rates
· Easy change over
· Excellent for lean manufacturing environments
· Excellent for cell-based manufacturing environments
· Consistent combustion
· Improved quality
· Intelligent custom design
· Advanced process control

CX-101W Dual Shuttle

Standard Features:
(Custom Designed to your application)
· Custom designed steel frame with customer specified paint color
· 3-Level flame system
· Stainless steel precision fixtures
· Stainless steel water bath (if water cooling required)
· Quick disconnect torch manifold
· Part setup parameter memory
· Operator interface touch screen
· Customer specified electrical/pneumatic components
· Ultra-smooth torch oscillation
· Heat Cancel function
· Reheat function
· Run-off and training at F.A. Tech and customer's facility
· Operation manuals, PLC program and select technical drawings & documents included


Optional/Advanced Features:
· Automatic wire feeding system
· Automatic flux or paste dispensing system
· IPS - Intelligent Parameter Setup system
· Flo-Max pressure stabilizing system
· Digi-Mix electronic combustion mixing system
· Cooling water re-circulation system
· Safety light curtain system
· Totally enclosed steel frame with safety door disconnects
· Aluminum extruded exhaust hood support frame with stainless steel exhaust hood
· Maxon safety gas shut-off valve