F.A. Tech places the highest priority on taking care of the customer's needs and treating customers with the highest respect. We engineer and build high quality, reliable systems, however we also understand there are times when customers may require service. Rest assured, we are prepared to respond to your needs at a moment's notice.




Machine Retrofits
F.A. Tech can also incorporate some of our advanced process control options onto existing F.A. Tech systems installed in our customer's facilities. This allows our customers to take advantage of our new process control developments.

We can incorporate our advanced combustion technology and our other technologies onto existing non-F.A. Tech brazing equipment. You'll benefit from a revitalized system offering improved flame consistency and reduced scrap rates. However much depends on the configuration of the equipment, as well as its current condition.


Custom Designed Quick Disconnect Leak Test Couplers
We offer custom designed couplers for leak testing of your parts. As a result of the quick disconnect design, these couplers greatly reduce the time and fatigue that can be associated with loading and unloading of brazed assemblies into a leak testing system. All couplers are designed around your exact part to provide a simple "Push-on" and "Pull-to-release" connection. Provide a sample part and drawings and we'll begin the quoting process.


Prototype Brazing and Soldering
F.A. Tech also provides services for prototype and test part brazing and soldering for quality evaluations and other testing criteria.


Automation Consultation
Rely on F.A. Tech's many years of experience to assist you in optimizing your automation process. We can consult with you on part design, production line layout and other sources of automation equipment to develop strategies and systems to maximize your automation potential. And, if desired, we can use this information to provide you a quote on a full turn-key system for your process.