RB Return Bend Series
These systems are typically in-line conveyor systems, but are also available in other configurations as well. In an in-line situation, the parts are brought to the brazing system via an adjacent conveyor. The parts travel between rows of torches at a preset speed. Parts exit the heat zone and are air cooled as they travel to the next area.


RB-2000 Return Bend

· Easy change over
· Consistent combustion
· Improved quality
· Intelligent custom design
· Advanced process control

RB-1000 Return Bend

Standard Features:
(Custom Designed to your application)
· Custom designed steel frame with customer specified paint color
· Customer specified electrical/pneumatic components
· Part setup parameter memory
· Automatic Gasflux® purge system
· Separate combustion systems for each manifold
· Maxon safety shut-off valve
· Run-off and training at F.A. Tech and customer's facility
· Operation manuals, PLC program and select technical drawings & documents included

Optional/Advanced Features:
· Flo-Max pressure stabilizing system
· Digi-Mix electronic combustion mixing system
· Automatic height adjustment
· Automatic width adjustment
· Automatic torch angle adjustment
· Barcode parameter change system