F.A. Tech automated brazing and soldering systems come equipped with many standard features to improve the brazing or soldering process and promote flexibility. We also offer many Optional Features to further enhance the brazing process.


State-of-the-Art Combustion System

Combustion System
The combustion system is the heart of any flame brazing or soldering system. F.A. Tech's state-of-the-art system is the most consistent combustion system available today. Our industry-proven combustion system utilizes a Venturi mixing concept using compressed air pressure to proportionally draw in the fuel gas by way of suction to maintain a consistent gas/air ratio to the torches. Compressed air is readily available in most facilities and provides our combustion systems with unparalleled control. Flo-Max and Digi-Mix are the results of our commitment to continuous improvement for our combustion systems. These optional systems can be integrated into a new system or added to existing F.A. Tech systems for even more control.


3-Level Flame
As a result of our advanced combustion control, our systems are equipped with 3 flame levels. Pilot flame, which conserves gas, high flame to quickly heat the parts to proper brazing temperature, and medium flame to level out the heating curve and maintain part temperature during the melting of the filler metal. All 3 flame levels are individually adjustable. Without a medium setting, high flame continues to raise the part temperature during brazing which can lead to overheating. With a medium flame setting, the part temperature can be quickly raised with high flame and then reduced in order to allow the brazing process to take place without damage to the parts and without depleting the flux before filling of the joint is complete.


Quick Disconnect Manifold
You may plan to run different parts on the same machine. This may require different torch locations. Rather than continually moving the torches, we utilize a quick disconnect clamp method for removing the torch manifolds. You simply open the clamp to remove the manifold. Slide in another manifold and close the clamp. This not only eases part changeover but facilitates torch maintenance as well.


Ultra Smooth Touch Oscillation

Ultra Smooth Torch Oscillation
Torch oscillation eliminates "hot spots" and promotes even heating of the entire joint area. F.A. Tech incorporates a speed control motor driving a cam follower to produce an extremely smooth oscillating motion. The stroke is easily adjusted by one screw and the speed is adjustable via a potentiometer.


Precision Fixtures

Precision Fixtures

Often overlooked, proper fixture design can make or break a brazing or soldering process. Fixtures require attention to process specific details. Issues such as heat sink problems, material expansion and contraction, torch location and ease of loading and unloading are all vital to providing a good brazing or soldering fixture. All of our fixtures are custom designed and machined from stainless steel for heat and corrosion resistance.